I imagine most people have either been following or have stumbled across my videos demos for Eurorack modular devices. If not welcome to this page that will tell you all you need to know.

For the past couple of years I’ve been working with a large group (see list/links below) of Eurorack module makers providing video demos for their products. The video are overviews of technical features and patch examples.

I’m not going to post each video here as there’s way to many and they appear too frequently. So instead head to the playlist links to check over overview videos, jam videos, my audio sound diary and more. My YouTube channel is the real hub of everything so head there to subscribe, like, comment and keep up to date – I also work with Future Music Magazine providing them with articles and videos for the magazine. Luckily for us those videos go public after the magazine release. So check those out at the playlist link below too.

  1. Module Overviews
  2. Modular Jams
  3. Sound Diary
  4. Future Music Magazine “Modular Monthly”
  5. Event Videos
  6. EWI & Modular
  7. Modular Podcast
  8. Playing With The …
  9. Behringer DeepMind 12
  10. VLOG

Companies I’m working with include – 4ms Company, Abstract DataAJH SynthsALM Busy CircuitsAnalogue SolutionsAniModuleAudio Damage, Befaco, Behringer, birdkidsBuranelectrixCFM, Darkplace ManufacturingErica SynthsFonitronikFrequency CentralGinko Synthese, GOD’s BOXGrayscaleHackMeHappy Nerding, KaslederLaurentide Synthworks, Lamond DesignLow-Gain ElectronicsMalekko Heavy IndustryManhattan AnalogMedic Modules, Moffenzeef Modular, Music Thing ModularMutable Instruments, Mystic Circuits, Native InstrumentsNervous SquirrelNeutron Sound, NoBots, Noise Engineering, Rebel TechnologyRYOSputnik ModularSSF / Steady State FateSTG SoundlabsSynthrotekThonk, Tsyklon Labs, VermonaVintage Synth Lab, WMD and XAOC Devices