DivKid’s Month Of Modular Issue #13

Here’s issue 13 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular. This marks a year of the magazine so I thought a style change on the front cover and inside was due. The module of the month came from 4ms. News included XAOC Devices and Special Stage Systems. Finally there was an interview with Erica Synths.

MAGAZINE – https://joom.ag/RTfQ PDF – http://bit.ly/DivKidMag13


DivKid’s Month Of Modular – Issue #5


Issue #5 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular from February 2016.

Module of the month was the Defibrillator from Medic Modules, interviews were with VCOADSR and Neutron Sound, news included WMD, Error Instruments and XAOC Devices.

MAGAZINE HERE – http://joom.ag/M7op PDF HERE – http://bit.ly/DivKidMag5 (right click download / save as etc)