Module Of The Month – January 2017

For issue 16 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular I picked out the Performance Mixer from WMD as my module of the month. It’s in pretty much every patch I make at the minute and will be fully overviewed in the usual DivKid video style in the near future.

Module Of The Month – December 2016

The Ring SM from AJH Synth is the Ring Mod for people who don’t like Ring Mods and also a powerhouse for those that do. The 5 channel mixer with Subs is worth it alone but the ring modulator features and X Y and Z control (a first three way ring mod possible?), there’s frequency doubling and great clipping/saturation on the mixer when you want it. Check out some patches with the module below and take my word for it you should go out and buy one.

Module Of The Month – November 2016

Oh Chaos Divider how I love thee so … Weird I know, but it is kind of weird to really like something as simple as a clock divider. However, the Chaos Divider not only is pimped up to the next level with the gorgeous looking Nixie Tube numerical display it’s also functional awesome too! That’s why it was my module of the month in DivKid’s Month Of Modular in November 2016. Check out the jam video and overview videos below to check it out.

If you’ve got a strange love for an inanimate object feel free to comment below 😉 

Module Of The Month – October 2016

Back in issue #13 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular I picked out the 4ms Dual Looping Delay (DLD) as module of the month. I think this is one of the best modules I’ve used period, one of the best pieces of hardware even. It’s still instantly fun, quick to get where I want and full of audible delights when you start modulating lots of parameters. One 2+ minutes looper and one rhythmic delay – check! Stereo modulating delays – check! … I won’t go on, it does loads! So watch the video below to check it out properly.

Module Of The Month – September 2016

Back in issue 12 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular I picked out the TipTop Audio Z-DSP as my module of the month. It’s a fantastic FX unit that hosts cartridges to control it’s on board DSP. There’s a whole wealth of analogue “back end” to support the FX with stereo input, feedback paths and CV over 3 digital parameters, mix and the feedback levels. I covered the Z-DSP for issue 310 of Future Music magazine which should have 6 … that’s right 6 videos on the Z-DSP with the Chorus, Spring Waves, Shimmer, Halls Of Valhalla, Clocked Delay and Grain De Folie cards. Watch out for those videos going public / free on the FM YouTube channel soon.



Module Of The Month – August 2016


The picture above is from Navs blog, which is a fantastic resource. Check it out here –

Having just got hold of a Sports Modulator in August I made it my module of the month. It’s a fantastic bit of kit that I don’t feel I’ve fully remembered every mode or function in order to repeat it properly. But it gets me interesting results based on slew, cycling rise & fall and sample and hold. Much like Maths from Make Noise when I was starting out this was seen as a ‘must have’. James Cigler made an excellent video for the module so check that out below.

Module Of The Month – July 2016


Back in July and in issue 10 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular I picked out the awesome Octocontroller from Abstract Data as my module of the month. It’s still something I use loads as it’s super handy and quick to use for a range of things. Even a second one would be good! By the time you’ve got two quadrature LFOs going you want more outputs 🙂 . It’s great for making beats, triggering sequences, clock duties, LFOs and random modulation. Abstract Data definitely knocked this one out of the park. Check out my video from Future Music magazine below as well as some from my own channel.

Module of the month – June 2016

This is without a doubt my favourite envelope generator. The WMD Multimode Envelope gives you shape control over each stage, loads of different modes such as AD, ADSR, looping, clocking through each stage there’s loads! Check it out in WMD’s own video above. If you’re particular about your envelopes and want say a logarithmic rising attack, exponential decay and a linear release this is the only thing I think that will give you it. I’m not one to sing the praises of a tech / data sheet for the sake of it, this module just always gets me what I want, and quickly.

Module of the month – May 2016

branchesMutable Instruments Branches how I love thee … your colours, your knobs, your little black buttons. Ok my writing doesn’t leave much to be desired and neither do my lame love poetry attempts. But I like being daft (just in case you didn’t realise).

Branches is great! It’s a dual Bernoulli gate which in simple terms is a one input two output device that operates “coin toss” logic. There’s two channels, control over the “weighting” of the outputs and the channels will link. It’s really useful and very fun.

Module Of The Month – January 2016


Each month in DivKid’s Month Of Modular I pick out a favourite module for “module of the month”. In Issue #4 from January 2016 I picked out Dimensions from Audio Damage. It’s a chorus module that you can push from warm and wide (it does mono to stereo), bonkers and more reverberant diffused echo style sounds. Check out the video below from Audio Damage.