Mutes – the first DivKid Eurorack module!

Well well, here we are a DivKid Eurorack module! I’m totally chuffed to have this brought to life after first drafting out a quick line drawing years back. By the time you read this the module will be available as both assembled units and DIY kits and PCB/panel combos at a range of great stores around the world. I teamed up with Befaco who have worked behind the scenes to bring this module to life, the PCBs say “powered by Befaco” which I’m proud to have on there and have them be involved. The Eurorack scene is such a wonderful, supportive and amazing group of people with a wide range of backgrounds. The scene has been great to me in getting started and supporting the videos I make. I’m proud to have a module out that I hope people find useful that’s been made by and will be sold by even more of the great people involved in the scene.

Add the module to your modular grid here –

DIY build guide and images here –


“Mutes is my dream compact performance tool.” Sir Divward Kiddery

But Mutes goes above and beyond basic muting by allowing you to split groups of signals to multiple destinations, making it great for FX dub performing and varied signal routing.

You also get a three position switch giving you: MOMENTARY signal pass through (it springs back to the centre when released); OFF (or muted) in the centre; and ON to the right. We’ve also added vactrols to the circuit giving the switching a pleasing decay for both audio and modulation as well a totally click free muting. This module can add mutes to anything, your mixer, module inputs or outputs, modulation signals, sequencers, gate sources and more.

Mutes was developed by Befaco on behalf of DivKid. Special thanks to Glow Worm Cables for their free cables in the package too.

Key features 4HP // LEDs to visualise signals // 3 way momentary – off – on switching // buffered and cascading normalising of inputs // black metal panel // Vactrol based muting

Stores stocking Mutes (click store names for links) NOTE many of these ship worldwide.

Australia  Tin Shed Modular

Europe –  Analogue Zone (Hungary) (sold out) // Escape From Noise (Sweden) // Modular Square (France) // Raw Voltage (Austria) // Schneidersladen (Germany)

United KingdomCymru Beats (sold out) // Matttech Modular (sold out) // Rubadub // Signal Sounds // Thonk (DIY Kits + PCB/Panel)

USA Control (Brooklyn, New Work) (sold out) // Midwest Modular (Minneapolis) // Modular Addict (Wisconsin) // Patchwerks (Seattle)

DIY Kits + PCB/panelsModular Addict // Thonk

Here’s the famous magic hands himself Mylar Melodies having a switch wiggle with a pair of Mutes modules.

A huge thanks to my friend Bo, Mr. BobEats BoBeats for checking out the module (I didn’t buy him that Lambo) and making a video about it alongside the some other great modules.

Molten Music built up the DIY version and had a jam on Mutes too.

Thank you to the websites that have posted about my module too. FACT Mag // Gear News // Muff Wiggler forum // Top Music News

12 thoughts on “Mutes – the first DivKid Eurorack module!”

    1. Outputs aren’t normalled, if you get one you’ll see how packed the PCBs are for something seemingly so simple. No mixing I’m afraid.

    1. Hello, yes I can see how the panel upside would be useful. I’ve got one upside in one case even. But just put the panel upside down. There’s very little graphics to worry about and even with a new panel ins/outs would still be the wrong way around.

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