Building a Eurorack synthesiser for kids

I recently worked alongside Mylar Melodies showcasing and exhibiting modular synths (specifically Eurorack) to children (and some adults / parents) in the Science Tent at Deer Shed festival. Deer Shed is a family friendly festival with a large number of kids and parents and the Science Tent gives them a chance to come and try soldering, make slime, chemistry workshops, build raspberry pi units and come and make music and play on euro rack synthesisers or try out making music on a Ableton with guys from a local Ableton group.

For the event I tried to put together the best Eurorack synthesiser that I could that was a mean little groove box of beats, melodies, bass, FX and some more out there fun stuff. So here’s what I used, how I patched it and how it went.

Below you can see some images (click for full size) and my Modular Grid set up for the event as well as a patch set ups. Any questions let’s chat! Find me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

More videos to come from the event, include my first modular live gig, that set up, the 16n controller I was using and more. 

4 thoughts on “Building a Eurorack synthesiser for kids”

  1. hi ben!
    you’ll tell me that i’m boring…. but I notice that if you choose a picture, which opens in the same window, you can’t go back!
    and you get this: Oops! That page can’t be found.
    by the way I like your video on kids & controller in modular!
    good job!
    I’ve much to say about teaching / learning with kids or anyone else and modular synth because I was myself (adult) a beginner and in a way I’m still a beginner……
    if you want to go further with me on the subject….. tell me 😉 but not published!
    all the best

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