Module of the Month – March 2016


Back in March I picked out the Mystic Circuits VERT as my module of the month for DivKid’s Month Of Modular.

This is still a much loved module that’s ace with a range of sources for creating beats. My preferred use is to have it clocked in time with more static beats and then to use random fluctuating voltages to pull out gates random rhythms. These tend to overlap nicely depending on what the input CV source is. You can pull gates out of noise and audio rate stuff too.

There’s a great video here from Voltage Control Lab explaining ‘Binary Beats’ too.

Module of the Month – February 2016

medic-1Each month for DivKid’s Month Of Modular I pick out a favourite module. Not really the new hyped up thing just a module that’s really doing it for me. Back in February I chose the Medic Modules (Analogue Solutions) Defibrillator.

medic-2There’s the clean white panelled version and the blood splatter panel, whichever take’s your fancy. Panel choices aside the unit sounds great! It’s MS-20 based but goes way beyond any other MS-20 style filter I’ve heard. Each filter, the VCA and the input mixer will overdrive beautifully. Yes it’s big, but it’s nice to use and jam on and I think the sound warrants it’s size.


DivKid’s Month Of Modular – Issue #5


Issue #5 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular from February 2016.

Module of the month was the Defibrillator from Medic Modules, interviews were with VCOADSR and Neutron Sound, news included WMD, Error Instruments and XAOC Devices.

MAGAZINE HERE – PDF HERE – (right click download / save as etc)

Module Of The Month – January 2016


Each month in DivKid’s Month Of Modular I pick out a favourite module for “module of the month”. In Issue #4 from January 2016 I picked out Dimensions from Audio Damage. It’s a chorus module that you can push from warm and wide (it does mono to stereo), bonkers and more reverberant diffused echo style sounds. Check out the video below from Audio Damage.

Module Of The Month – December 2015


Taking place of December 2015’s ‘Module Of The Month’ is an absolutely awesome VCO from AJH Synth’s the MiniMod series. Still used all the time and still sounding great. The FM and audio rate PWM on these things sounds killer too!

Module Of The Month – November 2015


Still a firm favourite in my filtering department is the Erica Synths Dtech VCF. I picked it as Module Of The Month is Issue #2 of DivKid’s Month Of Modular magazine. It’s gnarly, Polivoks based and full of character and features.

Module Of The Month – October 2015



Rather than a straight copy and paste job from each magazine I thought I’d write a few words about each “Module Of The Month” from the past issues of my magazine. For Issue #1 I’d picked out the fantastic CP3 (or DTM as it now is) mixer from Manhattan Analog. I feel like I should start writing love songs to this thing. It comes up in conversations loads and I love them. Weird creepy love.