As current activities are massively focused on work with the modular synth community that’s probably why you’re here. There’s all sorts of other work in the background and a history of production and composition work as well as sound design projects both bespoke and sample pack / preset based. Busy boy indeed!

The key places to find me are linked with the orange icons in the right hand sidebar.

Here’s the old “about” from a previous website. It explains how DivKid musically is me (Ben) and Andrew who started Lung Filler Records and produce music together and also has an awesome (yes I’m bias) and ridiculous story about the origins of DivKid, enjoy!

UPDATE – What is DivKid? It started as a production duo and label owner with Lung Filler Records. The label is now inactive after 4 great years working with some amazing artists worldwide. The label was key to building and developing ourselves and relationships that have move us into what we do now. Notice I’m saying “we / ourselves / duo” DivKid started as and still is a duo. There’s me BEN who you’re most likely to see and speak to and ANDREW. We still produce a lot of music together and are keen for DivKid to be this overarching character and theme for all the work either of us do (be that together or apart). There’s the most recent and probably most active stint of modular video work, sample packs, library music, mastering, sample production and sound design jobs. You can see the original short bio and stupidly funny long bio below – grab a drink and get your feet up for a good read!

DivKid – Short for Sir. Divward Kiddery – is the grubby, undernourished and overly critical, Bi-Polar offspring of producers Ben Wilson (Bonn Lewis) and Andrew Illingworth.

His schizophrenic manner has resulted in his music and live performances being loud, disruptive and brutally heavy, with unexpected windfalls of dark and ominous grooves.

Expect to hear maximal electro, french house, filthy techno and a spatter of progressive. Although one day DivKid will create a new genre merging current dance styles which he will call ‘Clink-Dick’

DivKid founded Lung Filler Records in 2010 to release his own music, as he always wanted to wear a business suite to work. Now he can in the comfort of his own shed. This also keeps everybody else’s grubby mits off of his prized and often mistreated possessions. Divkid is paranoid that one day he will screw himself over. So every time he signs his own record contracts, he fakes Robocop’s signature.

The story of Sir. Divward Kiddery … 

LIfe From birth.

DivKid was born into a caring, loving family in 1406. He is the sedated love child of former dictators Hitler and Mussolini. Whitney Houston was the surrogate. She was artificially inseminated after she passed out at a swingers party at Michael Barrymore’s house. All three parents died just after child birth, as they all sustained lawnmower injuries.

Serves as a Paratrooper in the world nuclear holocaust of 1428, which was a 13 year world wide conflict between England and Peter Stringfellow. The radiation is the sole reason for Peter Stringfellow’s poor fashion sense, lack of hair, and the invention of lapdancing clubs.

By the time he turned into a teenager (1523) he developed a spiritual relationship/obsessive compulsive order with a bag of rusty knives. This was a brief relationship, as after 72 years of melancholy happiness, he discovered the more exciting and exotic Swiss Army knife on a holiday. A Swiss Army knifes a type of multi-function pocket knife or multi-tool. It originated in Ibach Schwyz, Switzerland in 1897. The term “Swiss Army knife” is a registered trademark owned by Wenger S.A. and Victorinox A.G., longtime suppliers of knives to the Swiss Armed Forces.

in 1602, DivKid realised he had made a huge mistake of ridding his sack of rusty knives, as the swiss army knife never measured up in comparison. Sadly, the rusty knives had already parted their separate ways. His fetish became focussed on the rusty colour, and he became obsessed with the English Red Squirrel. This did not have a happy ending, as we all know that the English Red Squirrel has now evolved one of the smaller species of  oyster which can be found in most salt water oceans, and a lof of upbeat restaurants as a starter meal. (The word oyster is used as a common name for a number of distinct groups of Bivalve Molluscs which live in marine or brackish habitats). Oysters are believed to be an aphrodisiac but there is not a huge amount of research to confirm or deny this.

DivKid ventured on a long journey to America, to see if he could spot any Red English Squirrels that had migrated due to the nut recession of 1624, but had not yet evolved into oysters. He had no look, as the American Squirrel was grey and much more camouflaged than the English Red, this case of Natural Selection was one of the factors in which English Red Squirrels died out so quickly in America, plus the American grey Squirrel had Mr T as backup.

After 30 years, DivKid gave up his search for the English Red Squirrel and decided to have a nap. He hibernated for 7000 years, hoping that he would forget all about knives and squirrels. When he finally woke after his great slumber, he felt refreshed, but a bit pissed off as he woke up late and had to miss breakfast. He was so amazed at how much the world had changed during his coma, that he felt he may never fit into society like a normal person/sack of potatoes ever again. This lack of confidence led to reclusive behaviour, where he would only go out and socialise on evening and weekends.

In 1903 he decided to rejoin the National Service but this time he was in the American Army. He took it upon himself to make the world a better place and wanted to be an inspiration to all who he came across. This was because he had watched Band of Brothers, where all the good main characters are still alive at the end. (He recommends it to everyone whole heartedly).

After serving in the American Army for 10 years, Divkid decided he would retire from National Service and concentrate on making (what he describes as) Easily-Listening music. Easily-Listening music is a term that DivKid coined himself, he describes it as music that is so loud that perforated  eardrums would still hear the noises he creates. It has to be as loud as possible.

At the minute DivKid is taking time out of composing his Easily-Listening music to go fishing in the Opium fields in the Middle East.